About Me


“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and is not of your own doing; it is the gift of God”- Ephesians 2:8 


If you were to ask me, what verse, key word, or phrase in the Bible stands out to me the most, it would be GRACE! In a world with mounting pressures to be the perfect wife, mom, and person, we often forget to extend the same grace God has given us to ourselves. At least, I do. I read a quote or passage somewhere that said ” you do not yet have tomorrow’s grace,” and it has stuck with me ever since. We must simply stop worrying about tomorrow and focus on the here and now.

My name is April, and I am a wife of 14 years and mom to three perfectly imperfect little beings. Join me on this journey as I walk with God to learn more about living a grace filled life that isn’t perfect, but is transparent, honest  and encouraging about the everyday struggles of living a life in today’s world. This is my story of being saved by His grace!